No Need to Be Nostradamus!

I’ve seen dozens of people look at the covers of today’s magazines, famous for viral advertising, as if they were looking at a coffee cup and prophesying that this will happen in the future. Isn’t that strange? These are people that millions follow, trust. They can harm millions who can easily interfere with their perception, even for their own benefit if they want to. Maybe they’re doing harm with or without knowing it. In this article, it’s about freedom of mind. Whichever of us can think freely, I think we should use this feature a lot these days. Soon it seems that even this will not be possible if it is quiet, wordless and/or imagined.

the future

At the age of 7, when my grandfather and his friends met in the city every year, they remembered mysterious events that affected them very much when they were my age, and they could not explain, I listened and dreamed as if I was there. The story is short, but it will reveal a big secret.
What secret? With this day, eternal life and divine advice of the Golden nature that makes it livable = formula of happiness

Tell the story:
My grandfather used to talk about a giant book that was brought to their village, which could only be carried with a cart because it was large, and whose pages were opened by two people. When this book came, everyone stopped working and gathered around the person who read the book. When it begins to be read, it is informed of what will happen at that time and in the future. For example: “in the future, a box will be invented, and when you look at it, you will see the people in Ankara as if they were in front of you. There will come a time when you will be able to meet someone on the other side of the earth from a box as small as a hand. There will come a time when buildings will increase, adultery will increase. There will come a time when people will flee the village and flock to the cities, and then they will flee back to the villages from these big cities, which are quite difficult to live in. But this time there will be no place in the villages.” they read.
For years, I’ve been researching a lot about what this book was and where it is now. But every lead I held concluded that we no longer had it.
We are sensitive beings whose body is two-thirds water. We’re as sensitive as water. It gets dirty as fast as water, but we can barely clean it. When we’re under constant influence, we get into the form that the influencer wants. So it’s reason enough for someone to repeat that thing to make you believe in something. This is where you can be. In hypnosis, it contains such constantly repeating commands.
Today, the masses are guided and managed in this way. I see the covers of the magazines I just mentioned as one of the messages in this provision. They have future engineers, planners who make people believe that this will happen in the future. Don’t think, we thought for you, these so-called men! Again, the same group talks about freedom. But they don’t even allow us to think freely. This POWERS! It reminds me of the shepherd-the sheep are afraid of the wolf, but the shepherd eats it — in fact.
Let's move on to the formula of happiness
It’s a little ironic, but you’re the formula for happiness. You are the one who transfers all the data from the first person to this day with his DNA to the next generation. The formula for happiness is hidden inside.
The book, which was read in my grandfather’s childhood, is of such enormous size that it is a deciphered version of DNA. Some will say you’re high. But you can’t get a bird’s eye view without flying. What’s the algorithm for deciphering that DNA? Of course, the Koran. If we could learn and live the truth of Islam (happy way of life), which is wrongly told to us, we could dominate all times (past-future). Everything is encoded by a flawless and error-free encoder. And datasida is the Qur’an.
A person who looks like water with the Koran comes to the place, becomes solid from steel, becomes a place of roses. God c.c. He asks ISLAM and us to establish peace and Justice among all living things. The formula for achieving this is described in this book. Although in our time, sets were drawn before us so that we would not understand this book, soon you will destroy the Great Wall. Those who try to chain you are the ones who have taken slaves for their servitude.

Now, some friends say what you’re talking about! I’m telling you, wake up. Bring out your power, say nice things to the surrounding people, to the animals, even to the flowers. Watch how they answer you. Discover the energy you unleash.
Close your eyes and ask yourself who I am. Imagine flying, watching Earth from space. Get out of yourself, watch yourself. Ask why, why, why, start questioning. Resurrect your logic. When they tell you there’s an epidemic, and they sort it out at 2mt intervals, question it. Then, if they’re sitting you next to the guy they’re sorting out at a distance of 2mt on that plane, use your logic and ask. Question what you know is wrong, question what you think is right even more. Don’t be afraid, you won’t go crazy in the end. Those who seek the truth are the ones who can die before they die. They are the living.
You don’t need a shepherd. If you’ve discovered yourself, even the Wolf won’t touch you. Because they all have one. When he discovers himself, the gates of knowledge begin to open. Behind every door you will hear in whispers that make you who you are, that command you to be a slave to them, just as there are secrets to controlling all your feelings. As it is now. But the ship, which is not surprised by its destination, arrives at the port.
I follow in the footsteps of the rare ones who know how to breathe in that energy atmosphere of the Koran. It’s hard work, but it’s very valuable. I’m not giving you Resources. I want you to research, ask, and desire. If you use that energy that you have, it will come to you.
I want to share with you my latest whispers of the future. Don’t believe me now, please question me. The period is when lies and liars are held at hand, and what those in the past call the age of sedition and mischief.
* 2021 will approach Turkey in Syria and other Muslim countries from April to September.
* 2022 these countries can unite with Turkey. The limits may fall. (It means unity of power, not physical unification.)
* 2024 Israel will begin to lose power to extinction. He will be financially abandoned by the forces he supports. The forces will lose their resources because it damages their plans.
* 2025 Turkey and the water crisis will begin. The wick of water wars will be ignited at this time.
* In 2027 a new religion will be introduced in Europe and its spread throughout the world will be supported. The basic dynamics of the Qur’an will be used frequently in this new religion.
* From 2028 to 2100, the world will probably take a tumble after 2080. Because of the deviation in the Earth’s magnetic fields, the location of the North and South poles will change as the earth somersaults. The sun will rise from the West.
* 2038 is the beginning year of the World Water Wars. The American civil wars will begin. The United States will request assistance from Turkey.
* 2045 Turkey will be fighting for water.
* The Big Reset (Grant Reset), launched in 2020, accelerated in 2035 and ended in 2045 will end.
* 2083 China becomes a World Giant. But brutality and mercilessness prevail. Soulless Bionic and mankut people will be produced. Soulless people whose organs are produced in different centers, changed at will, will multiply. These soulless lab creatures will be mated with humans, but there will be no natural reproduction. Artificial wombs will be in demand.
* 2125–2127
2235 Last Years.
Of course, ALLAH c.c. knows what.

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